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Gabrielle Schott

Young Adults
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Young adulthood is an exciting time of new adventure, reaching for dreams, and transition. But it can also be a time of uncertainty and question. Where will I get the right education? When will that dream job come along? How do I find friends my age? Whether you just graduated high school, or you have landed that dream job while still in your 20s, you may still be wondering “what now?”

If you are looking for others asking the same questions, want to grow deeper with Jesus, and build meaningful relationships, come visit our young adults at Keymar Evangelical Wesleyan Church. We provide many opportunities to connect through social events, church activities, and our weekly Sunday night small group.

I have grown up in the Keymar church since the time I was born. I recently graduated from Houghton College (NY) and moved back to my home town to teach. I am passionate about helping young adults find a place to grow deeper with Christ and build meaningful relationships.


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