Circle-LogoGreat Commission Church
(Matthew 28:16-20)

All authority has been given to me…
Everything that is done by the church is only done with the power and authority of Jesus Christ.

If we are truly seeking to be a Great Commission Church we must be willing to "GO" and spend quality, loving time with people who we know need to experience the love of Jesus Christ.

Make Disciples
Jesus called his disciples from the paths given them by the world to the path of His Kingdom, and he walked alongside of them, showing them the way to live as people of God. We also need to walk along with someone who will help us walk the path while we show the path to others.

Baptism is an act of initiation into the people of God. It is at this point that they enter into the community of believers and become a part of the worshipping community. We have been called to help people see their need to be baptized from death to life and from outside of the people of God to adoption into the children of God.

Once someone has become a disciple of Jesus, has seen others walk in the way of Jesus, has decided to become a follower of Jesus themselves, and has been initiated into the community through baptism, we can then teach them and challenge them to live fully in the way of the Kingdom of God.

I am with you always…
Jesus Christ has promised to be with us always with all of His power and authority!

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