Is Genesis History?If you are like me, you have wondered about the biblical accounts of Creation. Some of it just seems so far fetched as to challenge the reasonability test. I've come to understand intelligent design vs evolution and science vs faith but I still felt something was missing in my understanding of Genesis. I recently bought/downloaded the movie below to try to address that.

Dr. Del Tackett (the producer) is a pretty incredible guy. Presidential Advisor to college professor to movie maker, he was the author of Focus on the Family's The Truth Project - (we went through that together several years ago). It is still impacting my thoughts today. This new movie promises to be equally impactful. I am again struck by the importance of a reference point in interpreting what you see around you. We often have the wrong reference point set up in our minds.

It's a little over an hour and a half but well worth your time. Check it out when you can and let me know what strikes you about it.

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For God's Glory,