The Pursuit of God  -     By: A.W. Tozer

One of my deepest desires is to know God well. Yet for every few steps I take towards Him, it seems I eventually get knocked back a few steps by the world. It does bother me but it won't discourage me - it's part of the process. I've been shown how good the Lord can be and because of that, my pursuit will never end. He is truly worth more than words can express.

Reading is a great help in getting my mind to the right place to be able to receive Him. It is the reading of other peoples thoughts that can help to formulate my own. In this way I stand upon the shoulders of those that have gone before me.

Often we think of ourselves as highly developed and so much smarter than those of previous times. We think that our technological wonders afford us a higher intelligence quotient. C.S. Lewis calls this "chronological snobbery". He also recommends fighting that mindset by including older books in your reading schedule - two older books for every one new one. I am starting to see the value in this as I try to take his advice.

Attached is the classic "The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer. I hope you take the time to read it in your quiet times and reflect upon how incredibly blessed we are to be able to comprehend even a small piece of our amazing God.

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